Aug 27, 2012

two can keep a secret if one of them is dead...


The show is filled with lies, backstabbing, mystery, and a vicious anonymous threat that goes by A who is out to get these four best friends who recently had one of their close friends mysteriously  die. But besides all the creepiness, there is the super cute guys of Rosewood, and the Amazing Fashion worn by the four high school girls (i wish my high school was as fashionable as Rosewood’s) Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily.

I personally love Spencer’s Style. She is played by Troian Bellisario who has an awesome instagram that i suggest you follow(@sleepinthegarden). She puts together very proper outfits and adds in vintage pieces. Most of her outfits are like something you would find out of Anthropogie or Kate Spade.

Then there Edgy Aria. Aria is played by Lucy Hale who is one of my favorite actresses. Her style is very bold and indie. She had the perfect statement pieces that i am falling head over heels for.

Hannah is definitely the Girly Girl of the group. She is played by Ashley Benson who has rocking style. You can follow her adventures on instagram at itsashbenzo. She has wears the trendy outfits that you would usually find in Nordstrom,or Urban Outfitters.  
Lastly, Emily. Em is played by Shay Mitchell. Emily has the laid back look. She mixes cute sweet tops with sweats and totally pulls it of!

Can’t wait to watch the Finale! It aires Tuesday but me and my friends will be recording it and the marathon they are having beforehand and have a PLL party on Friday! 

xx E.

now i leave you with the gorgeousness of the PLL boys 

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