Aug 9, 2012

in my school bag

It’s back to school time for the most of us, so here are some essentials that i always love to have in my school bag. 
Let’s start with a good fashionable school bag; this year i recently bought this structured bag from Nordstrom’s B.P. that i am in love with.

add in some super cute notebooks from Urban Outfitters,
which are one sale for 2 for $12!

Always have a headband; you never know when you will be taking a test or writing notes and you’ll need to have your hair back. This one is also from Nordstrom’s B.P. section.

Nail Polish and a file is perfect to have if you have down time between classes!
These  Maybelline color show nail polish’s are the prefect size o throw into your back and come in amazing colors! My favorite is the “Green with Envy” color below.

Ready for school? 

xx E.

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