Aug 21, 2012

Fall Lipcolor

This fall add a POP of color into your outfits with these rocking lip color trends:

Vampy Lips

This dark purple-blue reddish color can make you look daring and edgy

I love Sephora’s Color Lip Last in the shade 23 Elegant In Brown $12 Sephora stores

Vintage Reds

Go for a classic look with bright red lipstick!
 p.s. cat eyes go perfect with this look

Try Nars’ lipstick in the shade Fire Down Below $24 Sephora Stores

Rose Lip color

 For a very natural feel wear a tinted lip balm to get this rosebud color.

I like the EOS lip balm because it makes your lips super soft and brings out natural color. $3 Target Stores 

Lip color is a great way to make a statement!

xx E.

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