Jul 31, 2013

The New Bag.

is it possible to love a bag?

A few weeks back I attend FDIM's three days of fashion in LA. It was a wonderful experience and i met a ton of super talented people. What i loved it how amazing everyone dressed. It was like fashion wonderland. But one day I saw this girl with this awesome clear bag and I just had to get it. I searched everywhere and finally found it on the wonderful internet! And it finally arrived at my home today. Yippie!

Love the bag? Want to be Twinsies! Get it Here.

It's is a clear bag so it may one day be problematic but it's cute so who really cares. I wanted to share what is typically in may bag.

The New Bag 01
1) My favorite pair of sunglasses, currently my favorite are my John Lennon sunnies. 
2) My phone, I am truly obsessed with Kate Spades cases. 
3) Nars Multiple Stick, this thing is amazing you can use it as blush or a lipstick or even eyeshadow. 
4) My wallet, of course! 
5) Water! You should always have water on you it can do wonders for your health. 
6) Nail polish, you never know when you will be stuck somewhere bored. 
7) Pen & Paper, one of the best gifts I was ever given was a mini macaron notebook from my marvelous cousin. It's super easy to throw in your bag and right down ideas, and things that just pop into your head. 


Then I was thinking, what will i wear with this amazing new bag i now own! Here are two looks I created:

Girlie Punk
Pastel Punk

Classic Chic

Romper 01

Personally, I love classic looks but every now and then I like to do a complete 360 with my style and rock a punk look. It will keep your wardrobe interesting and fun. 

xx E.
oh and the answer to that question at the top is a yes. 

Jul 29, 2013

I want to live on an island.

Aloha From The Island.

The slight disappearance of posts on peachy were due to a recent trip to the Island of Maui. 

----Two Outfits from the Island----

One: Tropical Hippie
I love visiting Hawaii because it gives me a chance to change up my style. 
Top: Brandymelville Skirt: Brandymellville Shoes: Urban Outtfitters Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Two: Classic Tourist
Sometimes its fun to be a tourist !
I love this look because it just screams tourist. Where else am I going to wear a fun Hawaiian shirt like that and get away with it?!
Top: Nordstrom Shorts: American Apparel Shoes: None(you don't need shoes in Hawaii!) Sunglasses: Same as above


I also got a beautiful Hawaiian henna tattoo 

On top of the wonderful trip we got to experience what is was like to be in a hurricane/ tropical storm. Tropical Storm Flossie hit the island early Monday morning. It was a tad but scary but definitely a once in a lifetime experience for someone who lives in a place where it barley rains. 

aloha from the island.
xx E.

Jul 19, 2013

trend alert: petite rings

Trend: Elegant Stacking Rings 

Lately, I’ve been rocking the same thin, delicate rings on a daily basis.I absolutely love the tiny rings because they’re so light you don’t even realize you’re wearing them. I love to wear them on their own for a subtle, chic appearance or stack them for a bolder one.

Cat Bird teaches us how to perfect the stacking trend.(click photo to enlarge)

One of my favorite delicate rings from Cat Bird 

I love these small delicate rings. They are perfect for someone with tiny fingers like myself.
(I literally cannot find a size five ring anywhere)

You can find these rings from a variety of stores like Anthropolgie, Free People, and Brandy Melville  For more unique rings try searching around your local boutiques and thrift stores. 

xx E.

Jul 14, 2013

Bonjour Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day!
 Bastille Day is kind of like the French version of America's Fourth of July if that helps. I happen to use Bastille Day as an excuse to fill my stomach with as many french pastries as possible(not like I already do that on a daily basis...)

I have always admired the French's perfectly chic fashion, art, and culture but I happen to love the history behind the monarchy scandals as well. My favorite was the strange and scandalous life of their former queen. 
 Sophia Coppola(her most recent film was the Bling Ring)gives us a sneak peek into Marie Antoinette's life in her movie.

I loved Coppola's film but I absolutely adored the costumes in the movie!

The detail involved in clothing from that era is magnificent.

Oh the french pastries! 

Heureux Jour de la Bastille!
xx E.

Jul 12, 2013

A Cafe in Paris in the Summertime.

My love for mini fashion films continues....

Dior's commercial for their ADDICT fragrance, featuring Daphne Groeneveld, really makes me want to dye my super brunette hair platinum blond and dance around Paris. 

What I love is her effortless French style throughout the film. My favorite was her eye catching red leather skirt. Here is a way you can recreate her look.

a Cafe in Paris

I love the effortless style of the french. Its is très magnifique! 

xx E.

Jul 5, 2013

Why Chanel is the best.

CHANEL Haute Couture autumn/winter 2013

One day, i hope to create as beautiful presentations as Karl. His fashion shows can make you feel like you are sitting in a museum looking a great pieces of art. It would be my absolute dream to attend one of his shows. They are flawless. 

His presentation for Paris Haute Couture autumn/winter 2013 was outstanding. It was in a kind of futuristic/apocalyptic theater with a stunning glass celling. 

and the clothing was magnificent! 

My favorite was this white gown that was his final piece. 

I definitly encourage you to watch the show. It's absolutely amazing. 

xx E.

Jul 4, 2013

America's Birthday

Happy Birthday America,
Here's a cupcake. 

I love that the stars and strips can be so fashionable and versatile. You can rock them all year round, but on the fourth of July they are especially relevant. 

Denim and the stars and stripes go perfect together. 

 Go for a more classic look with a skirt and blouse or a cute button up shirt thrown over jeans and a tank. 

 Cool Jackets 
add some edge to your red white and blue outfit

My favorites way to wear the patriotic colors:
First add a touch of white with a boho flower crown. This one is from Free People.

A bold red dress, also from Free People and some star converse complete the patriotic look.

Also, don't forget your nails!

xx E.