Aug 14, 2012


The marvelous miss Swift released a cute new song yesterday. It is titled We Will Never Ever Get Back Together. Very to the point Taylor. But what i loved was her album covers for the single and the up coming album titled RED.

Swift had her classic red lips and this super cute vintage chic outfit.

How to Achieve her Style: 

Start with this simple collared shirt.

Black high-waisted shorts; for a more edgy look you can wear the studded ones instead of the simple ones on the right.

Chic black ray bans.

Some cute vintage oxfords.

Finish the look with a pop of color. This Red lipstick from MAC in the shade MAC Red is my favorite.

 Cute song T-Swift!

xx E.

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  1. E, you have such fashion sense! If only there were places to shop around here!