Aug 29, 2013

"Im a 90's chick"

"You're on a different road, I'm in the Milky Way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
You're so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch

You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's Chick"
My 90's childhood style definitely showed in my outfit today. 

I was actually quite nervous about my outfit today. I've never worn my scrunchies out and about typically I would wear them just at home. Even if you are nervous about taking risks with an outfit just try it. Wear what makes you happy. So I rocked a scrunchie to school.  

What I Wore:
Crop Tank Top  - American Apparel
High Waisted Shorts - American Apparel 
Clear Bag - Nasty Gal <3
Rose Shawl (see Below) - Brandy Mellville

Lips Print Srunchice Hair Tie: get it here.

My obsession over scrunchies is back. I used to have a ton of these back when i was really little. Also I'm loving the lips print from American Apparel. Super cute!

remember the clear bag :) check it out here: The New Bag

Lately I've been trying to style myself differently everyday. One day be classic and chic then the next day pull a 180 and wear a more punk look. The 90's look was what I was going for today. (though i do realize my sunglasses are more 60's era opps) American Apparel is a great place to find simple pieces to achieve the 90's look. Also they are just super rad. :)

xx E.

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Aug 27, 2013

Fall Essential: The Perfect Coat.

Fall in my mind equals, awesome jackets, coats, and sweaters; oh my!

There are so many different kinds of outerwear but here are the top 7 that I thought where the most important for this upcoming fall season.

Drape Coat
I love these coats because they add depth to your outfit. They are also super cozy and cute. The drapes make you look taller as well!

Get It Here: Asos 

Cropped Jackets 
Probably by far my favorite coat for fall is the cropped jacket. They fall only to your hip and typically have cool boho patterns. They are perfect to add some color to a simple outfit. 

Get It Here: Anthropolgie(out of stock sadly)

Graphic Pullover

Aren't these sweaters fun looking!? A fun graphic pullover is something everyone should have in their closet. I have the one below and it always puts a smile on my face. 

Get It Here: Urban Outfitters 

Classic Moto

Who can forget the most classic jacket? The Motorcycle jacket! They are super rocker punk and instantly make me feel ten times cooler.

Get It Here: Nordstorm

Comfy Anorak

When I think of a "fall" coat I think of the anorak coat. They are perfect for fall because of there typical fall colors and they can keep you warm on a slightly chilly day. 


Long Duster Sweaters 

These long sweaters will make you never want to take them off. I own about four now and whenever I'm not feeling not too great I throw one on and feel like I'm in a big comfy blanket. 

Get it Here: Free People 

Patterned Blazers
 The blazer is always an essential. This fall grab one with a little bit more edge. A funky patterned blazer is a lot more exciting then a plain navy or black one! My favorite is the one below from my favorite store Topshop. 

Get It Here: Topshop 

xx E.
What's your favorite fall coat style and where did you get it?! Let me know in the comments! 

Aug 25, 2013

Inspiration from The Red Carpet: The VMA's from Brooklyn

The VMA's from Brooklyn, NY defiantly brought punk chic back to the red carpet. 

Model Coco Rocha looking fierce like always. 

Crystal Reed stunning in red.

My fav. new rapper Miss Iggy Azalea. Remember that rocking soundtrack from the film The Bling Ring? Iggy was apart of that. 

Katy Perry sticking to the animal print theme. ROAR. 

Grimes in Versace. Her pants are actually from Versaces menswear line! Its so cool how she rocked this menswear turned chic look

Oh Miley. You always seem to have so much fun and that's what i love about her. Her pants are absolutely awesome. And that Hair! Love the buns!

Holland. My style icon. You are flawless. I love her Naeem Khan ball skirt over cigarette pants. Its such a cool combination! 

Oh hey ED. 

White and Black was one of the big trends of the night. 

Can we just admire how cute Miles Tucker is ?! Him and his The Spectacular Now (i am so looking forward to this movie!) co-star Shaline Woodley looked great together. Shaline's skirt was perfect. 

Taylor Taylor Taylor! I loved her cool 1920's look but why did she have to go and mouth something rude during the one direction speech? But besides that her dress was simply MARVELOUS!

Oh speaking of One Direction.....

One of my favorite music videos was Imagine Dragons' video for Demons. It was so inspiring. Plus i love them. 

xx E.