Sep 30, 2013

those indie hippie girls

Being the complete hippie that i am i am obviously am totally obsessed over these two albums that came out Monday. 

The girls behind these songs not only created amazing albums but the girls just super cool and have an awesome sense of style. 

LORDE- Pure Heroine

Meet Ella Yelich-O'Conner, know as Lorde. 
She is 16 (s/o 1996 kids)
She is from New Zealand
She writes her own songs

Ella' style is very simple European chic. 

My Favorite- White Teeth Teens

HAIM- Days Are Gone 
Meet the Haim Sisters
Este Haim
Danielle Haim
Alana Haim
Rock Indie Band from LA

 I can only describe their style as:


Although The Wire was on Haim's EP first, it still is my favorite song of theirs.

 xx E.

PFW is an absolute dream

Paris Fashion Week is a complete dreamworld.

What i would give to just sit on the streets of Paris with a coffee and a copy of Vogue France during PFW. 

Even though the shows are amazingly beautiful the real runway is the streets of Pairs. 

The street style during PFW is always magnifique. 

The beautiful architecture in France combined with the unique European fashion design creates a beautiful work of art.


xx E. 

Obsessed September Edition

Obsessed September Edition
Completely Obsessed 
Things that had me head over heels in love with this September

1. Lorde's New Album
2. Matte red Lipstick
3.white nail polish
4. Rocking black boots
5. Big Black Hats
6.Plum Eye makeup
7. Planning a trip to Paris 
8. Vanilla Chai Tea 
9.John Green, author of my absolute favorite book The Fault in Our Stars

xx E.

Sep 21, 2013

Basics for Fall

Oh My! Its Autumn! 
I absolutely love Fall because it means sweaters and pumpkin pie.Here are some of my favorite basic pieces for fall!
 NOTE: Here in southern California it doesn't get to cold for fall but these basics can be updated with a large over coat and a scarf of you live in colder areas. 

Ankle Boots.
Boots automatically put me in a good mood for fall. I love my black ankle boots which I grabbed from Target! Target is a great place to get trendy pieces that may go out of style next season. 

A Basic White Shirt. 
They are so versatile and easy to pair with things. Go for a detailed one (like mine from Free People) for a more feminine look.

 Lots of tiny jewelry. 

I love midi rings and stackable rings for fall. See how to wear them here. Also try wearing an ear cuff as a middi ring! (see my left pinky finger)

A staple necklace is key to break up your outfit. Mine is a Gemini pendent from Nordstrom Bp. 

Ox Blood Leggings 
That gorgeous maroon color is also know as "ox blood." Its the perfect color for fall. Fun Fact: The sole purpose I bought these pants was because they reminded me of armadillos. 

A cool printed tote bag. 
This bag was given to me by my wonderfully chic grandmother. It has instantly became my staple piece for fall. 

oh and don't forget some fall music!
My never ending love for imagine dragons continues after hearing their newest song, Monster. It's the perfect song to rock out to on a chilly fall day. 

xx E.

Sep 17, 2013

Chanel always has the most marvelous fashion films

Chanel Women Only Mini Fashion Film by Karl 
My favorite designer Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel assembled all my favorite fashion icons into one film and it instantly has become my favorite fashion film to date. 

 Lindsey Wixson and Cara Delevingne(my to fashion icons at the moment)were in the film as well as Julia Nobis, Ashleigh Good, Ming Xi, Kati Nescher, Edie Campbell, and more. 

xx E.

Sep 9, 2013

NYFW Trend - Tennis Whites

Tennis Whites
One show during NYFW really set the stage for one of the main trends we will be seeing when Spring rolls around this year. "Tennis Whites," or in more basic word, looses structured all white clothing. Lisa Perry's 2014 RTW collection really knocked this trend out of the park. She took the "Tennis" part laterally  her runway was transformed into tennis court, AstroTurf and all.

Her collection proves that basic white clothing can be interesting and elegant. 

Other Shows Featuring the "Tennis Whites" Trend

  Rachel Roy Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

  DKNY Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

   Band of Outsiders Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

Jenni Kayne Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

3.1 Philip Lim Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

Victoria Beckham Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014

xx E.