Aug 23, 2012

street style: schooled

School has began

I became a Junior yesterday. I absolutely loved my friends' first day outfits. T. wore a nautical striped tank top with black shorts and accessorized it perfectly with a skinny belt. L. wore a lose fitting black tee, shorts, a super cute military style jacket and a infinity scarf. I have such fashionable friends and i love seeing their individual styles. Finally, I wore my Asos “Royal" Dress with red flats. Simple and Sweet. 

Me and my two friends on the first day.
Also i met a few awesome people who were so sweet to let me take their photo; I just loved their outfits so much i had to take a picture! 

M. and H. looked amazing! I love their girly style. They both wore TOMS shoes which are super comfy and perfect for school.

Two of my really close friends, L. and C., wore super cute shorts. C. had the most adorable detail on her shorts! And i loved L.’s cute dark blue strapless top! Perfect for the still summer weather we have in California. 

This is D. ! She rocked some patterned jeans with some awesome converse (that i am jealous of), and a Beatles Tee-Shirt. D. has one of the most awesome grunge-indie style i have ever seen!

S. and N. both looked marvelous as well! I have been falling in love with S.’s shoes ever since i met her! N. looks so pretty in her dark blue maxi and skinny belt!

These best friends are so stylish! On the Right is T. she took a dress and tied a gray tee over it to turn in into a stylish skirt. This is a great way to re-vamp your wardrobe without buying a whole new outfit!

The school fashion was so very different back in the 60’s and &70’s! I <3 that this fashion is coming back into style!

I love to use my school as fashion inspiration. There are so many people with such different unique styles to draw inspiration from. 

xx E.

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