Sep 21, 2013

Basics for Fall

Oh My! Its Autumn! 
I absolutely love Fall because it means sweaters and pumpkin pie.Here are some of my favorite basic pieces for fall!
 NOTE: Here in southern California it doesn't get to cold for fall but these basics can be updated with a large over coat and a scarf of you live in colder areas. 

Ankle Boots.
Boots automatically put me in a good mood for fall. I love my black ankle boots which I grabbed from Target! Target is a great place to get trendy pieces that may go out of style next season. 

A Basic White Shirt. 
They are so versatile and easy to pair with things. Go for a detailed one (like mine from Free People) for a more feminine look.

 Lots of tiny jewelry. 

I love midi rings and stackable rings for fall. See how to wear them here. Also try wearing an ear cuff as a middi ring! (see my left pinky finger)

A staple necklace is key to break up your outfit. Mine is a Gemini pendent from Nordstrom Bp. 

Ox Blood Leggings 
That gorgeous maroon color is also know as "ox blood." Its the perfect color for fall. Fun Fact: The sole purpose I bought these pants was because they reminded me of armadillos. 

A cool printed tote bag. 
This bag was given to me by my wonderfully chic grandmother. It has instantly became my staple piece for fall. 

oh and don't forget some fall music!
My never ending love for imagine dragons continues after hearing their newest song, Monster. It's the perfect song to rock out to on a chilly fall day. 

xx E.

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  1. These are definitely the perfect pieces for a SoCal fall especially since it's been boiling the past few weeks. I'm especially adoring delicate jewelry for the upcoming season. Also love the song! (:
    - Ashley
    Not Haute