Sep 30, 2013

those indie hippie girls

Being the complete hippie that i am i am obviously am totally obsessed over these two albums that came out Monday. 

The girls behind these songs not only created amazing albums but the girls just super cool and have an awesome sense of style. 

LORDE- Pure Heroine

Meet Ella Yelich-O'Conner, know as Lorde. 
She is 16 (s/o 1996 kids)
She is from New Zealand
She writes her own songs

Ella' style is very simple European chic. 

My Favorite- White Teeth Teens

HAIM- Days Are Gone 
Meet the Haim Sisters
Este Haim
Danielle Haim
Alana Haim
Rock Indie Band from LA

 I can only describe their style as:


Although The Wire was on Haim's EP first, it still is my favorite song of theirs.

 xx E.

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