Oct 6, 2014

Tales of San Francisco in October

Tales of San Francisco in October

As you may have noticed the blog has been lacking content and I truly apologize.

I recently began my studies at university in a new city. Sadly, blogging has taken a backseat to my studies which have become increasingly more important to me. Though things like fashion week and the latest edition of rookie mag have also become increasingly more important to me as well. However I will refuse to neglect my blog and will be bringing new fashion daydreams to Oh How Very Peachy more often starting this month.

If any of you follow me on tumblr(ohhowverypeachy.tumblr.com) you may notice that I am constantly posting on there because my phone is attached to my hip 24/7 like every other technology obsessed american. 

but for now... 
i've been wandering around San Francisco
Dress: Brandy
 Jacket: Nordstrom
 Shoes: Deena and Ozzy 
Sunglasses: thrift store find 

Urban Outfitters offers a variety of brands when it comes to shoes but one of recent favorites are the Denna and Ozzy shoes. For shoes with a little bit of a heel they are extremely comfy. 

My roommate, Natasha, whom took all these amazing photos. 

We started a bucket list and here are a few of the things we checked off the list:

1. Hippie Tree

My roommate and I ventured over the bridge to this tree with a beautiful view of San Francisco and the golden gate bridge. And to make it even more cute it has a swing.

2. Kitchen Story in the Mission District 

One of the best gluten free panini's I have ever had in my entire life. This could be completely bias though because i have been eating terrible university food for the last week so anything is better than the sandwiches in the dinning halls. 

xx E.

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