Jun 3, 2014


Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
This has never been more relevant to my life then now. I must prepare for the next four years of my life, as well as try to enjoy the last few days of my childhood. 

If anyone happened to notice, I took a small break from blogging so that I could figure my life out, and focus on a few other things: 

During this break I realized many things

1.that whole cliché  "growing up is trap" quote you see literally everywhere happens to be spot on. 
2. never let anything get in the way of doing something you love
3. running your own company is really hard and takes a lot of passion and long nights with much coffee, but also is very rewarding. 
4.I really missed blogging.


Now that I have a finally figured out a foundation for the next four years of my life I can look onto new things,
especially the revival of Oh How Very Peachy

What to look forward to: 

 xx E. 

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