Mar 4, 2014

sorry, i only shop at the chanel supermarket

to see where this fabulous banana art (shown above) came from click here

Chanel just did something so cool there are no words. 

Chanel's Autumn/Winter 2014 show in Paris was in a fully stocked supermarket! A CHANEL supermarket! 

The Chanel supermarket set that filled the Grand Palais in Paris. 

Models walked throught the market that was fully stocked with fake foods. “Délice de Gabrielle,” read a tin of tuna, referring to Mademoiselle Chanel’s real first name.

 No words are necessary to describe the coolness of this show. 

The hair and makeup was equally extraordinary

So many tweed coats it was amazing!

Thanks Chanel for now raising my standers of supermarkets. 

Karl is truly the most creative man in fashion. 

xx E.


  1. Hi Erin, nice post.

    But the Banana Chanel is not coming from Chanel but from me. Marta Grossi,
    you can check the full project here:

    I would appreciate if you can add my credits,
    thank you!


    1. Oh of course! I'm a huge fan of your art!

      xx E.