Jun 11, 2014


Recently I started my 18th year of life. This is how spent day one of the 18th year.

We ventured to LA to see an art installation,but first, coffee.

We walked to the MOCA Pacific design center to see one of my most beloved artists, Jacob Hashimoto. See more of his work here.

The thing about art installations is they often inspire more art. Sometimes in the form of photography. 

 A strange thing happened....
We slowly became apart of the art when we decided to lay under one of the parts of the installation that had clouds printed on it. A group of dreamers under a million paper clouds in a paper town filled with paper dolls. 

All of a sudden it was like we were a part of the exhibit, strangers taking photos of us sitting under the clouds. Some of them were so kind to come up to us after and send us the photos (which turned out pretty cool). 

Jacob Hashimoto's Gas Giant

Art has always been a huge part of my life. I have probably send it over 1,000 times but fashion inspires art and art inspires fashion. It is a delicate ecosystem.

xx E.

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