Jan 25, 2014

Update: Fashion Show Lumiere

So one of the reasons there has been a lack of posts lately is because for the past month I have been working on a fashion show that happened last night. It was extremely hard and tiring work but in the end it was the most fun I have ever had. 
I am the Creative Director of Fashion Club, at my local school, and this winter our show was named Lumiere. We showcased the trends fro winter 2014 in three different styled runways; 1920, black and white, and warrior. 

I modeled in the show and had four stunning designs to wear from my wonderful designers Natalie and Mariah.

Pics from after the show 
(outfit I am wearing designed by Mariah)

Model and Designer 

I also designed for the show. My model Taylor(center) is wearing a dress designed by me and shoes designed by Ryan(Left)

xx E.

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