Aug 5, 2013

Concert Style: Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Take Two. 

I'm so very excited to be going to the Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran concert next week with my wonderful friend L! After seeing her back in 2012 I'm super excited to go again! But what shall I wear??? 

I love Taylor's street style so I based two concert looks off of Miss Swift's flawless style. 

Taylor 01
Sweet T
Taylor's style has slowly evolved into a more indie vibe, but I  still love her classic country look. To get this look go for neutral clothing and makeup. Some simple jewelry will add charm to any outfit. 

Taylor 02

Indie T 
After Taylor's new album RED came out she has been taking more courageous style choices. A simple outfit can be made bold by adding an edgy smoky eye and nude lip. This Concert look is what I will be wearing. 

But the real reason me and my friend our going....ED SHEERAN. 
We fell in love with him back in February at his concert. It was completely marvelous. We cant wait to see him again opening Taylor's concert. 
His song with Taylor.
Anyone else obsessing on how CUTE the little Ed and Taylor are!

xx E.

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