Aug 18, 2013

Concert Style: Taylor Swift Take Two.

The Red Tour.

What We Wore: 
L rocked some awesome black pants, a white tank, and some studded necklaces.
I wore some super rad leather shorts, a chiffon top with a gold stripe down the middle and some ankle boots. 
and of course we both had a pop of color on our lips, RED.

Taylor photographed by me from our pit seats. 

It was one of the most magical and amazing nights. Two night ago me and my friend L. went to the Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift Concert. Not only was it amazing but,

Some interesting things happened....

1.After a lady came to our seats and asked us to follow her around backstage, she took us to the VIP area on the floor right in front of Taylor's second stage where her mom, TAYLOR SWIFTS MOM, had invited us to sit with her in a little VIP area. She was so sweet! 
Myself and L with Ms. Swift

2.ED SHEERAN (my love) happened to be in the VIP area with us getting ready to go on to the second stage to sing. He happened to see us and said hi. He was so cute he even liked our sign! When he got on stage with Taylor he said something to her and pointed at us and they waved. 

3. Finally, after Taylor moved back to the main stage, her mom walked over and gave us pit passes! She is one of the kindest, sweetest, most down to earth  person I have ever met. 

It was one of the coolest concert experience I have ever had. Thanks Ms. Swift.

xx E.

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