Jan 16, 2013


A little quote that i try to follow. My passion is creativity, especially in fashion. And since i have a insane amount of studying to do for finals i leave you with this little post  about some things i am passionate about.Feel free to share what you are passionate about in the comments.

I have always found Poe's stories horrific but for some reason that intrigues me to his work. Its so creative and unique in a strange odd way.  

Art is such a beautiful expression form. 

One word: Shoes.

Being healthy is really important to me. I have been a pescatarian for a year now and am loving all my new healthy recipes especially smoothies with veggies. 

So take a chance and do something you are passionate about. Like maybe starting a fashion blog simply because it makes you happy.  I did. Well i am off to ace my finals wish me luck! 

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