Jan 14, 2013

inspiration from the carpeyt: golden globes

The golden globes have to be one of my favorite red carpet events. I have always dreams of walking that red carpet at the golden globes since i was little, maybe someday i will. But for now i will just admire the magnificent dresses. 

Julianne Hough Wins bets dressed in my book. This beautiful Monique Lhuillier is one of my favorite dresses of all time. Love her hair and makeup too they complement her dress well. I'm thinking prom inspiration for this year? 

Trend: Fishtail Dresses

Amy Adams had the best of the many fishtail dresses last night. 

I love these fishtail dresses in nude but other colors such as a light pink, red, or even a deep mauve would look great. 

An Unexpected Beauty and a Disappointment

Our unexpected Beauty Miss Jen Lawrence, who i tend to hate her red carpet fashion choices but she really shocked me with this gorgeous red/coral gown. She looks amazing in it as well!!

and our disappointment( sadly)
T-Swift! I love you but what are you wearing?! I get that you wanted to take a break from the girly red dresses and white gowns but this was not the best choice. I love the color on her bu the dresses fabric looks wrinkled and not very elegant. Sorry Swift. 

The Angelic

After i saw her Les Miserables premiere dress i re-fell in love with Amanda Seyfried. Her style has really evolved. Her look last night was true beauty. She went with a simple chic look and totally rocked it. 

An Odd Gem

Lucy Liu. I never thought someone could pull of a flora print so bright on a red carpet but i loved Lucy in this dress. her fishtail brings her look together giving her a mature mother nature look. 

xx E.

P.s. My new favorite show, The Carrie Diaries, premieres tonight on the CW!

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