Jan 27, 2015

SS 15 Chanel

Enter into Karl's Magic Garden 

If you read Oh How Very Peachy, you probably ready know how much I love Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld's ability to express his creativity though the Chanel  fashion shows is astonishing. he always succeeds in shocking me with his delicate beautiful designs and equally beautiful shows that come to life. 

welcome to the garden...

The finale dress was more beautiful than words

the train  that took 15 girls a month to make

I am now determined to have my wedding party look like this. 

.  .  . 

Lagerfeld brought back some pieces from the Coco Chanel era and twisted them into a stunning new creation. 

The Tweed Suit 

Coco Chanel Hat 

When Coco Chanel first opened her store in paris she sold beautiful new age hats that most parsons won't even think of wearing, but soon the streets were filled with her elaborate hats

Chanel's Biodome 

Now I'm going to drool over the rest of what SS15 has to offer. (specially Raf Simions and the Dior show) 

xx E. 

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