Dec 18, 2013

A Minimalist's Wish List

I have always been a minimalist at heart. I love basic clothing with tiny touches of jewelry. I live by Coco Chanel's philosophy: 

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.Less is always more.”- Coco Chanel 
While experimenting with collage's I created visually wish lists for the minimalistic girl! This girl is modern and elegant with just a touch of sparkle.   

A Minimalist's Wish List

What do you think?
3D Art Collages(below) or 2D digitally created ones (above) ?
Personally, I love creating style boards out of fabrics, it allows you to be creative with out being restricted by a computer. 

Some of my favorite minimalist accessories! Get them from Brilliant Earth! They make perfect gifts for the holidays! I am complete and utterly obsessed with the moon earrings!


I recently discovered Brilliant Earth's jewelry, and it is absolutely stunning! The company also does great humanitarian things like safe mining and creating their jewelry from recycled precious metals. 

happy holidays 
xx E.

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