Nov 18, 2013


I have been absolutely crazy busy with everything from trying to get college apps done, to working on designs for an upcoming fashion show, to five hour long photo shoots. So I thought I might update you on the life of a fashion obsessed 17 year old who is completely scatterbrained and maybe a tab bit insane at the moment. 

The Models
From our recent photo shoot for the winter "14 fashion show upcoming in January. Can you spot me in the white girly socks?

Our Winter show this year is called Lumiere

Sketching to avoid actually doing any schoolwork, oh and of course eating macarons. 

Wondering if my my friends and I are students or an indie band. 

But even though November is a stressful month, chai tea and comfy sweaters will get me through anything. 

Seniors, Good luck with college apps!

xx E.

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