Nov 3, 2013

Coming Home

Last Homecoming 
Some of the most lovely people I have ever know dressed up for our last senior homecoming the other evening.

My marvelous chic friends and their dates. 

Myself and my close friend and Artist Ryan Spork (see his art here) collaborated on our friend T's homecoming outfit.

Dress: Designed by Me
Shoes Designed by Ryan
Styling By: Ryan and Myself

Her dress was originally a Fredrick's dress she found in a local vintage shop, and with a little sewing and re-designing by myself it was turned into this wonderful velvet dress. Her shoes are a true masterpiece. Ryan hand painted them galaxy print and I'm literally head over heels obsessed with them. **cough cough Ryan i want some cough cough**

Ryan, T, and Myself

You don't always have to buy a super expensive dress and shoes for homecoming. With a little work you can turn cheap vintage clothing into one of a kind pieces. Plus you don't have to worry about someone having the same dress as you!

xx E.

P.S. Check out Ryan's beautiful instgram @ryanspork

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