Jun 10, 2013

The 17 year old dreamer

I turned the marvelous age of 17 last friday. 
Thought I would share a few of my favorite things;

Horoscopes rock. Period.

My fashion Introduction: 
the first time I was really introduced to the fashion world was when my cousin took me shoe shopping for her wedding. That as the first time i ever stepped foot in a Nordstrom. From then on i was hooked.

Fashion Icon: Lily Collins 

Movies are wonderful things. Film has always been apart of my life in a big way; here are two of my favorites.

Imagine Dragons are beautiful.

Leo Dicaprio is my love.
I have a major sweet tooth. Macarons and ice cream are my life. 

I spend about a 1/16 of my life in Hawaii.

Best advice someone ever gave me:
1. Act confident, because even if you aren't people cant tell the difference.
2. Be kind to everyone no matter how much they have hurt you.
3. Do what you love

Flowers that make my day: peonies

Hopes and Dreams: Doing what i love: Fashion. Living somewhere in Europe. Traveling often. I love the thought of how different cultures in different place have an effect on fashion. 

xx E.

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