Feb 23, 2013

Fashion Travels: LA

LA/West Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Santa Monica  
Fashion Finds 
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Had such a fun-fulled week in Los Angels! With the Oscar setup going on a block away, a Vanity Fair party at my hotel to shopping on Melrose Ave, the fun never ended. 
Some of my fashion finds. Loving this springs color trends.

While in the fashion district in LA i stopped by the American Apparel factory to check out their "Factory Flea Market".  It's a really cool experience to see how your clothes are made. 
I got some great pieces for this spring and summer.

The Grove

Then on to The Grove to check out the new Topshop store! I've been obsessed with Topshop's clothes forever and we finally got a store in southern California!! I grabbed a staple pieces for spring; a mint circle skirt. Plus i picked up some of Topshop's famous tights. 

The Fashion District

I headed to the fashion district in downtown LA to find some super cheap interesting fabrics. There was so much fabric! It was completely overwhelming but i found some amazing fabrics for some dresses. Above are two of the many fabrics i picked up. 

I wandered around in the Hollywood Hills(above), its so beautiful and quite in some parts. 

xx E.

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