Feb 14, 2013

Concert: ED


Tuesday i saw a marvelous artist named Ed. Ed Sheeran.  He truly is beautiful. His music and voice and everything about him is beautiful. His concert was by far the best concert i have ever been to. (even better then a Taylor Swift concert, which is basically like a Broadway show).

My Concert Outfit: 
I went with a simple black and white with a pop of red on my lips for my concert outfit. Layers are super import when going to concerts so over my outfit i threw on a simple long black sweater. 

Top: American Apparel, Skirt: Urban Outfitters  Tights: Nordstrom, Bag: Vintage, Shoes(unseen): black pumps by Steve Madden.

My photo
He was complexly rocking out! Loved it!

My photo

 I was truly lucky to see him at such a small venue before he goes on tour with T-swift (which i happen to also be going to, what can i say i love him). The concert was much more like a small little party and it was really awesome to be that close to the stage. 

.   .   .

Here is one of my favorite ed songs:

xx E. 
P.s. happy valentines day loves 

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