Sep 28, 2012

it's homecoming

Homecoming has really snuck up on me this year. Our schools homecoming is this Saturday! I’ve never really loved homecoming itself, but i definitely love being able to dress up. I love all the sparkly dresses and getting to wear your hair all pretty. It just made me feel like a princess :) Here are some trends this year for homecoming that i really enjoy:

oh my we’re in the 1920’s :

Oh wait i’m not living in the 1920’s? oh o well, i look marvelous! 

Young Hollywood:

Take some inspiration from your favorite Hollywood it girl. Pretend you are about to walk the red carpet in these girly chic dresses.

Black Out:

Go dark with these edgy dresses. Leighton rocked this black dress to her Roommate Premiere. Add some metal and your ready to go! 

So grab that cute guy you have been crushing over, an amazing dress and dance the night away! 

xx E.

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