Jul 31, 2012



This past weekend I saw the film, Moonrise Kingdom.
It’s a love story about two troubled children who run away with each other. 

It was truly Wonderful.

The film is set in 1965 on a New England Island, so all the fashion was from that era. 
The main character , Suzzie had  astounding fashion sense.

How to achieve Suzzie's 60’s inspired Style

1. Start with a vintage collared dress like these from Asos

2. Add a pop of color with a bright eye shadow for example if you were to wear the orange dress above we suggest this M.A.C. eyeshadow Aquadisiac.

xx E.

P.s. Commet and Tell us about your thoughts on the movie! 


  1. Hey! We met at the fashion board meeting today, and I was just looking through your blog! I saw this movie about a month ago, and I agree...it was amazing! And I was also obsessed with her dresses and knee socks!Love your blog

    1. Izzie! I am so happy you like it <3 ,the movie was so amazing, i loved the cinematography and the marvelous 60’s clothes!