Jul 31, 2012

Princess Skirts

Tulle always made me feel like i was a Princess

Recently I have been having a case of Summer boredom, so the only thing to do is to hit the fabric store and pull out the sewing machine. We decided to make one of the easiest things out there, a big tulle skirt.
It’s quite simple,
Step 1: Buy a butt-load of tulle fabric in any color
Step 2: Buy elastic
Step 3: measure elastic around waist and sew closed so that it makes circle.
Step 4: Cut tulle into long thick strips 
Step 5: tie onto the band right in the middle of the fabric so that you have two long strips hanging off the elastic.
Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5
and viola! 

Above are two ways to wear your skirt, on the left; A cute daytime shopping outfit, and on the right; A edgy party outfit!

xx E.

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