Oct 15, 2013

Rustic Fall Outfit Inspriation

Recently I went to a breakfast with some girls I have know since elementary school. We wanted to catch up on all of our crazy hectic lives. One thing i love is all their individual styles! We all have a different but unique senses of style. Its nice to take inspiration from your friends style and incorporate it into your own. 

At this one particular breakfast we all had very fall/rustic clothes on. 

Here are some Rustic Fall  Outfit Inspirations from Three Perspectives. 

 Style: Fashion Blogger E. of Oh How Very Peachy

My personal fall style is a mix of indie punk and classic European style. I tend to go for the darker fall colors and wear the basic black and whites. Short boots are a staple piece in my wardrobe for fall.

Style: Lisa
Lisa's style is completely classic fall. She loves denim but makes it more feminine by adding cool jewelry.  She sticks to natural colors like blues and tans. Her staple piece for fall is a rose check color. 

Style: Em
Em has always had a really chic sense of style. Sweet and Sophisticated. She keeps to the basics,like simple jeans and a tee, but makes it girly by adding cute accessories and shoes. Her favorite piece of clothing for fall is a comfy sweater. 

xx E.

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