Oct 16, 2012

who is your fashion icon?

Sometimes i just wish i could be them ...
a girl can dream 

Cara Delevingne
a.k.a. the Burberry Brit
The British gal had her first big modeling job for Burberry and continues to model. Her fashion sense is to die for.  

Leighton Meester 
a.k.a. Blair Waldorf
Oh how i love gossip girl. Not only has Leighton played my most beloved character, but she always dresses with elegance and class.   

Lilly Collins
a.k.a. snow white
Not only did she play a princess but she is basically young Hollywood royalty. She is my number one fashion icon because she is always on trend but finds unique pieces for her outfits. 

Em Watson
a.k.a. fashion wizard 
I recently saw her film Perks of Being a Wallflower which she did amazingly in!(you definitely should go see it) What i love about Em is that her confidence is shown through her style. 

Kendall Jenner
a.k.a the rising star 
Being a part of the Kardashian family has already given Kendall a name in Hollywood but she has made her own name in the fashion world. With her modeling and amazing style Kendall is a young fashion maven. 

Karlie Kloss 
a.k.a. the supermodel 
Another Brit girlie who i <3. Karlie is the definition of Super Model. But she doesn’t let that define her. She also has amazing street style and is a great role model. 

Who are your fashion icons? Comment below and let me know!

xx E.

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